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Communication is a vital part of life. It’s something that we all take for granted when everything goes well, but it can be difficult if you have speech or language challenges. Childhood apraxia of speech, stuttering, and swallowing disorders are some common reasons to seek speech therapy services. Speech-language pathologists can help you or your loved one improve these issues through various treatment techniques and exercises.

Boom Therapy Group is dedicated to providing caring, experienced speech therapy services to residents in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. We provide evaluation and treatment plans for adults and children who experience issues with speech such as disorders of language, voice, fluency, and swallowing deficits.

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Speech Therapy Services in Charlotte, NC

Speech therapy helps people with disorders that affect their ability to speak clearly. It can also help people with swallowing disorders that cause food to get stuck in their throat or lungs. People who have these conditions can have life-threatening complications if they don’t receive treatment for them.

At Boom Therapy Group in Charlotte, our speech-language pathologists, or SLPs, are licensed professionals who specialize in expressive disorders, cognitive-communication disorders, dysphagia/oral/feeding disorders and resonance disorders.

Children participate in speech therapy in small groups or one-on-one, depending on their personalized speech treatment plan. They use language activities that include playing and talking with the SLP to help build their language skills as well as articulation exercises, such as going over letter sounds and words.

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How Speech Therapy Helps Children and Adults

There are a variety of reasons that adults and children might benefit from speech therapy. For example, if your child is having trouble reading and writing, they might need speech therapy to improve their articulation and phonological processes. A lisp can also be treated through speech therapy, whether your child has a frontal or lateral lisp. It can also improve a child’s academic performance by helping them pronounce certain sounds correctly, or it might help them better understand what they hear when other people speak.

Adults who need speech therapy might have receptive language disorders or difficulty understanding spoken information, fluency disorders including stuttering and cluttering, or a resonance disorder. Adults who have suffered through traumatic brain injuries, stroke, dementia, or other illnesses may also need speech therapy services to help them with articulation, speech, swallowing, and more. Speech therapy can help them communicate effectively, as well as reduce their stress when speaking publicly.

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Pediatric Speech Therapy Services in Charlotte, NC

Pediatric speech therapy is helpful for kids with a variety of communication disorders and issues. These include social communication disorders, cognition, articulation and stuttering disorders as well as oral motor and swallowing disorders.

Kids with a thick accent can benefit from pediatric speech therapy to improve their clarity. Kids who have a hard time chewing and swallowing food can also be helped through speech therapy to help them avoid problems like vomiting or choking during meals.

Our pediatric speech-language pathologists at Boom Therapy Group will work with you and your child to help develop effective treatment plans specific to your child’s needs. These treatments may include sequencing activities, language-based board games, and even group therapy sessions to build social communication skills. The benefits of pediatric speech therapy for kids are far-reaching and include improved reading, writing, communication skills, and even helps to increase their self-confidence.

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Adult Speech Therapy in Charlotte, NC

Many adults experience speech problems—some of which have been present since childhood, while others come about because of illness or injury. Either way, our speech-language pathologists can help! Speech therapy for adults can help with a wide range of issues including stuttering, apraxia, dysarthria, aphasia, Parkinson’s, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), and fluency. Other reasons that adults seek speech therapy include accent reduction and public speaking confidence.

For older adults, speech therapy can help with swallowing disorders due to diseases or conditions like dementia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, stroke, or an injury. Swallowing disorders can cause food to get into the lungs, which can lead to life-threatening complications. Speech therapy can strengthen the muscles in your larynx and pharynx to prevent choking. It can also teach techniques to help you chew and swallow more comfortably.

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If you or a loved one are having difficulty speaking, eating or swallowing due to an illness, injury, disability or aging, Boom Therapy Group is here to help! Contact Boom Therapy Group to get started, and take a look at our multiple locations in North Carolina to find the office nearest to you. Our speech and language therapists are ready to work with you or your child and set up an individualized plan to help reach your goals!

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